Their little smiles.
Our biggest priority.

You no longer have to choose between expert care and friendly faces. Our team at Marciano Pediatric Dentistry provides the highest level care, while keeping both patients and parents smiling through their visit.

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Your child’s oral health is important to you.
But a day at the dentist fills you with dread.

  • Overcrowded waiting rooms with endless wait times
  • Tears, or worse, tantrums (the full-blown kind!)
  • Expensive procedures that you’re unsure your child really needs

With Marciano Pediatric Dentistry, say good-bye to your dental-phobia!

"From a young age I always loved working with my hands.
Today I’m proudly building smiles, one child at a time."

Meet Dr. Marciano

Dr. Yehuda Marciano is a board certified pediatric dentist who was born and raised right here in New York. Dr. Marciano graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (with honors) in 2014. While still in school, he discovered his love of working with young patients and chose to specialize in pediatrics. He continued his education in Stony Brook’s School of Dental Medicine Pediatric program.

Today, Dr. Maricano is the father of several candy-loving kids and says that "being a dad gives me the skills and compassion to help treat children and adolescents. I know what parents are thinking and feeling as they sit beside their child, and I use my rapport to soothe uneasy parents and queasy kids."

Other impressive tidbits about Dr. Marciano...

  • Trains the next generation of dentists as a clinical professor at Stony Brook University.
  • Volunteers as an attending at the pediatric residency program at Cohen’s Children's Medical Center
  • Participates in the annual "Give Kids A Smile" initiative, providing free exams and care to underserved local children.
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"I was so nervous to bring my son for his first dental appointment, but Dr. Marciano was so gentle and funny, my son didn’t want to leave!" - Naomi B.

Servicing your smile - with a smile!

Routine Cleanings and Exams

An in-depth head to toe inspection of your child’s mouth helps us spot concerns before they mushroom into ones that are more painful and challenging to treat.

A thorough cleaning removes icky buildup that causes cavities and decay. We polish their teeth to a squeaky-clean shine and offer fluoride treatments that support oral health.

Emergency Dental Care

Kids will be kids and accidents happen. And when basketball hoops, monkey bars and hockey sticks are involved, teeth sometimes get caught in the action.

When accidents cause dental injuries, contact our office immediately and we will advise you how to proceed. Saving your precious teeth is our top priority!

Sedation Dentistry

Some kids just cannot sit in a dentist’s chair. For those who need it, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) a mild, safe option for patients who need help getting relaxed. It’s mild, safe and recognized by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as an effective way to treat anxious children.

For kids who need more intervention, sedation is available with our Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

"I thought my three year old was going to be the definition of uncooperative (as he is at every other doctor’s appointment he’s ever had) but Dr. Marciano, his staff, and the office atmosphere made him feel so comfortable that he sat through the whole appointment on his own!" - Alexandra F.


Here's how we're different

Gentle "chair" side manner

Dr. Marcaino and his team are compassionate and caring. They patiently answer all patient questions and make each child and parent feel completely at ease.

Special needs? Our specialty!

Our team is equipped to deal with children who struggle with sitting in the dentist chair. We look at each patient as an individual and customize their treatment plan accordingly.

Expert Practitioner

As someone who trains future dentists, Dr. Marciano is in on cusp of the latest techniques and available technologies to improve and enhance the patient experience.

"I have tried multiple dentists, but now that I have found Dr. Marciano, my search is over. My kids are no longer afraid of going to the dentist! No more fear and no more tears!" - Sarah N.
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